Ma musique est une composante de ma "peinture". J'essaie de construire un “lieu” – un espace - entre peinture, sculpture, installation, vidéo et musique, entre plusieurs mondes. Je veux placer le regardeur "à l'intérieur de la peinture" et,en même temps à l'intérieur d'un paysage imaginaire comme une sorte "de paysage mental". Les sons complétent mes réalisations et ajoutent une atmosphère dans et autour de mes peintures. Avec le temps, ils sont devenus autonomes et pouvaient exister sans peinture, image ou objet. Mes “paysages sonores” essaient de créer des atmosphères intenses et calmes, sombres et lumineuses à la fois.

My music is a part of my "painting". I try to build something between the painting, the sculpture, the installation, the video and the music, between several worlds. I want to place the viewer “inside the painting”, and at the same time, inside an imaginary landscape as a kind of "mental-scape". These sounds completed my works and added an atmosphere within and around my paintings. With time it became self-sufficient and could exist without pictorial or physical medium. My soundscape tries to create both tense and quiet, dark and bright atmospheres.

"Places where we listen..." (Acoustic cameras)

nobodisoundz = Places where we listen...
City Hall on Pertinkuja - Pieksämäki - Finland

About the work
" Places where we listen... " is a track where we dive in sound thoughts of a motionless traveler. I wanted to create an "imaginary bridge" between, on the one hand, the external view of the lake offered by the camera and the other, the mental projection of our own inner lake.
I thus imagined an "audio - regardeur" installed by the lake in the daytime or at night, which follows the harshness of the landscape and lets rave its look. The eyes become soaked with slow automatic movements, his thought invents a way which is embodied in the course of the lake, the breath of the wind, the ice which cracks. The nature vibrates, trees rustle, masts trembles, voices run... The landscape is embodied.

Sound annexation project
ACOUSTIC CAMERAS invites composers and sound artists to annex the real-time flow of webcams located in various places around the world.
The flow of webcams is intercepted but not modified. The artist is invited to deliver a sound piece or piece of music related to this flow; This sound piece acting as a modification of reality.
The resulting work is the encounter of a recorded sound piece and the live capture of a fluctuating landscape. Depending on the season, depending on weather, depending on time of day or night, the camera sweeps continuously the filmed location (seaside, city or mountain) and writes in real time the film of the artist's music. Music or sound design, by monopolizing the filmed landscape, soon takes on a narrative, dramatic dimension, according to the principles of film music. At the slight difference that here the film is written simultaneously.
Stay tuned ! Acoustic Cameras will expand gradually, regularly enriched with new works of artists.
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